Kampong Spue Cop Kills 3 and Goes to Ground

Kampong Speu: A police officer has disappeared after a fatal accident he was involved with killed three people, including a child. Five days after the incident, the driver of a Camry, Thuy (or Thun)  Cheat has refused to attend court on 16 November.

According to a police source, the road accident occurred at 4 pm on November 10, 2018, on National road 4, between 35-36 kilometers in Keo Odom village, Trapaing Korng Commune, Samrong Torng District.

The speeding Camry hit a motorcycle and both vehicles went into the drainage canal at the roadside. The suspects then fled the scene, while a 28 yar old man, his 25 year old wife (who was 8 months pregnant) and 9 year old daughter were killed.

The victims were all from the local area.

Lieutenant General Sam Samin, provincial police chief, said that the suspect escaped from his home and did not go to work. For the past six days nobody has known where he’s hiding, but secret information was revealed that the runaway cop was willing meet with a coordinator, to negotiate compensation for the victims’ families.

The public are waiting to see whether the police man can pay his way out and remain in his position, or will face legal action over the deaths.



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