Big C Supermarket Coming to Cambodia

The Thai retailing giant is to invest about $ 10 million in the construction of the Big C supermarket in Poipet.

Domestic investors, Sok Heang, said by telephone on Monday that the mall will start construction next December, although the company has not received a royal license from the Cambodian government.

“As far as I have met with Thai investors, the supermarket will be built on 2.5 hectares,” he said The plot includes 1,5 hectares of land and one hectare of land reserved for parking. “The market is in Poi Pet Town, Poipet, next to the Empire Project,” he said.

Sok Heang said that the information he received was that the mall would be built over 9 months, with plans to work day and night.

Poipet currently has about 200,000 residents, with about 50,000 international investors making the city. This has grown very fast, especially in construction and real estate. Nowadays, many condo projects are under construction, making the city a completely different place.

San Seang Ho, Mayor of Poipet, recently said that Poipet is growing due to the increase in domestic and international investors.
“With the speed of development and better urban infrastructure development, especially the city’s roads, the price of land in the city is very high. ”

Poipet is an important economic hub in the northwestern part of the country. In addition to the international border gate, an important economic artery, more potential, such as SEZs, make this city more attractive for investment.

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