Runaway Truck Hits 7 Pagoda Goers

Kompong Thom:  An accident caused a fatality and injured 7 people on the road to Sothearoth pagoda, in O Koh Koki Village, Chab Commune, Santuk District, Kompong Thom Province, on November 10, 2018.

Before the incident a truck driven by HIM Mav, a 43-year-old man slipped down the steep slope of the pagoda road. The victims were elderly worshipers on their way to the temple.

1. Chim Sim, male, 70 years old (died at private hospital 515 Kampong Thom)
2, A 60 year old lady seriously injured
3. A 61-year-old lady with injuries
4. A 76 year old lady seriously injured  
5. Khuyen-na-nam, a 56-year-old man seriously injured
6. A 72-year-old lady seriously injury.

 7. Tith Khin, a 73-year-old woman seriously injured

Faulty brakes on the truck are believed to have caused the vehicle to slip down out of control. It’s unclear whether the victims were passengers or not.

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