Koh Kong Airport Put on Ice

Phnom Penh: Construction of Koh Kong International Airport has been temporarily suspended due to heavy rainfall over the wet season.

State Secretary for Civil Aviation Secretary Sin Chann Sivutha said on the morning of 9 November, that the airport construction has been suspended for some time, claiming the work is difficult because of the heavy rains. He said the airport’s construction company had not informed anyone of the timing for the completion of the airport.

“The airport is either fast or slower depending on the speed of their resort development and commercial center,” he said. “The information I get is that the company is only building for domestic aircraft to increase their sales of real estate projects”.

Tianjin Union Development Group (TUDG) has received more than 50,000 hectares of government concessions covering two districts of Koh Kong Province and the construction site. 

Clearing the site of the new international airport had begun earlier this year, but action was slow because of the rainy season.

However, according to the company’s earlier information, the Royal Government of Cambodia approved the airport project. The venture was headed by Tianjin Union Development Group, which has been investing in international tourist resorts in Koh Kong province.

Representatives of the company had previously said that the construction had already been planned.

Ho Vandy, an adviser to the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents, said that another new airport would  provide the the aviation industry more potential in Cambodia, and would likely attract airlines from Thailand.

“I welcome this great investment project that will help boost economic growth and attract more tourists to Cambodia,” he said. “.

The investment is part of China’s one-way belt, one of China’s main roads, to which the two governments support each other. Cambodia is expected to receive 2 million Chinese tourists by 2020.



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