Anger Over School Name Change

Blasted after seeing a primary and secondary school in Sihanoukville renamed as Primary and Secondary School of Friendship, Sihanouk Ville Jingsu

Recently, there were comments on the social network after seeing the gate of Betrang Primary and Secondary School  located in Pou Thoeung Village,  Prey Nob District, Sihanouk Province, changed its name. Now students study at Batrang Friendship School ofSihanouk Jiangsu and with Chinese characters written on the new sign. With this change, a social media commentator expressed dissatisfaction:

“The house itself has no rice for the children to eat but there is a full kitchen. What’s the difference between the coastline? Everything is expensive. There a room for a month’s rent of $ 50, could accommodate 4 people, but now is $ 500. Water supply is inadequate from day to night. You had a happy home, a rented room, now taken to rent for our guests. The authorities started to darken their chickens out of the home, leaving the shops almost everywhere to be renamed. People of all ages go to Chinese school. If everything is gone, do not cry, because we will be the ones to destroy.


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