Foreigner Bleeds After Bar Kerfuffle

Phnom Penh: A foreign man got beaten up in a bar goes near Kandal Market. This happened at 1:10 am, midnight on Nov. 7, 2018, along 130 Street.

After drinking and not wanting to pay for his rounds, became furious and a fight broke out, with the foreigner coming off the worse.

According to sources, before the incident, a 31-year-old non-identifed foreigner entered the bar and drank many alcoholic beverages becoming drunk. He refused to pay his tab and began abusing female staff.

Security hit him (*with something) causing his head to bleed, and ejected him onto the street, causing a surprise to other drinkers.

An ambulance arrived, but the foreigner refused to go for treatment, even after the cops tried to persuade him.


*There’s probably a lot more to this story, and there may be updates.



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