Poipet Airport Project

 Poipet : Provincial leaders claim that Poipet airport will start rebuilding in the coming dry season. This is after a 10 year suspension. The airport covers up to 200 hectares, located  about 10 km from the city.

Poipet airport can be used for domestic flights and international connections in the future.

Tourism experts say the restoration of the airport will be a new option for both domestic travelers and tourists.

Chhay Sivilong, president of the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, welcomed the investment project, claiming the airport would provide options to cut travel time from Phnom Penh to Poipet and the journey from Siem Reap via connecting flights between these airports.

“It will offer more choices to international visitors, if they do not want to spend too much time, they can have options, as air travel takes less time. ”

Mayor of Poi Pet, San Seing Ho, said by phone on Nov. 1 that the airport had begun construction in 2008, but was then postponed. The airport has already built a runway and a passenger building.

A major investor in the project is said to be the owner of a hotel and casino in the town.

The mayor said the airport would be smoothly constructed because currently there are Chinese investors bringing in more cash.

More foreign investment has come to this city as it has borders with Thailand has good infrastructure and easy railroad transport (*currently suspended).

Cabinet spokesman Sin Chansavutha said last week that the government had approved in principle that investors can begin to to rebuild. “The reinvestment of the airport can cost between $ 40 million and $ 50 million,” he said.


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