Cleaning Up the Tonle Sap

Siem Reap: Volunteers have been out on the Tonle Sap collecting trash. The ecotourism area of ​​Tonle Sap Lake needs to be made more beautiful to attract tourists, especially foreign tourists.

Seila Sophal, director of the Tropeung Srang Bamboo Fund in Siem Reap, said foreign tourists are like the landscape of the Tonle Sap Lake ecotourism site. 

However, in our Tonle Sap Lake there are many  plastic bags, plastic bottles and other rubbish in the water, which makes the great lake unattractive to visitors.

Mr. Sean Sophal said the Kampong Khlaing community, with 10 boats recently have been out collecting garbage waste, with each removing 10 to 20 sacks. This is just a small campaign. In December a mass mobilization campaign will be made to clean the environment.

10 community tour companies that have collaborated with the community and brought visitors and daily revenue. 

“We educate people to clean up sanitation, preserve the environment, and consider that the Tonle Sap, our warehouse, which will never end” he said.

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