45 Year Old Australian Tourist Dies in PP Hotel

Phnom Penh: A death of a foreigner was found at the Angkor Hotel, on the morning of November 4, on street 184 and Street 15 Daun Penh.

Chille Mae Taylor (possibly Michelle Taylor) , a 45-year-old female Australian tourist, died after excessive alcohol consumption caused a heart attack brought on by high blood pressure.

The husband, DAVID GORAN PRIYOUICH, said they had been staying at the hotel since November 1, 2018, but began arguing.

On November 3, 2018, at about 10 pm, he went to another room, 316, on the 3rd floor, to stay alone.

At about 3 am past midnight on November 4, he returned to the old room, where he found his wife drinking alone and in a drunken state. The couple then went to the other room to sleep it off.

At about 9:30 am, the same day the husband woke up, and seeing his wife was unresponsive, he ran down to the reception staff to call an ambulance. When the doctor came, he saw the victim was already dead.

After the incident, the competent authorities looked at the case, and, after examining, the doctor and the science and technology bureau confirmed that the victim had died from high blood pressure leading to a heart attack.

Currently the body is in the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital

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