Stop! Hammer Time!

Phnom Penh: Two construction workers were drunk and merry, until they began fighting at 9:35 pm on November 3, 2018, in Chom Chao 3, Khan Por Senchey.

The victim, Tan Meng Hien, a 25-year-old man, works on a construction site in the village.

The perpetrator, named as Prabh Tevi, 27, also works on the same site and lives with the victim.

The victim told the police that they were enjoying a drink when the suspect started using inappropriate language. Then a fight quickly turned into something nasty, when a hammer was pulled out and the victim was beaten about the head.

According to the suspect, he was acting in self defense after the other man pulled a knife.

After the police arrested him for questioning at Chom Chao, both men agreed to settle the cost of medical treatment for the victim to end the case.

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