Chinese Monger Beats Call Girl After She Skips With His Cash

Pailin: A Chinese man was arrested after allegedly beating up a Cambodian women. This happened on November 4, 2018 in Phsar Prum Village, Sala Bor District, Pailin Province.

23-year-old Liang Wu lives in Crown Casino. The victim, Nang Srey Da Davy, 18, is a resident of Kandal province who lives in the village of Seng Chey.

It is reported that the Chinese man paid the woman $100 at a karaoke parlor to take her for a bit of late night lovin’.

The woman took the money and ran off instead of doing the deed. The Chinese later found her (although it isn’t quite certain it was the same girl, she claims it wasn’t her) and became violent.

The man was taken to the district police inspector’s office to wait for a resolution.

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