Are We Kampot or Kep?

Kampot Province: Citizens living in certain places along the Kampot/Kep boundary aren’t actually sure what province they live in because of there has been no announcement officially made since changes in 2008.

However, the communes of Teuk Chhou and Kampong Trach have been hit by ambiguity, with the two provincial authorities finding that that certain places are overlapped by both provinces.

Yong Ly, 55, in Kandal Toul village, Kampong Trach West commune, said the demarcation of the border was not yet official, but he didn’t want to be part of Kep.

Mr. Kao Mao, chief of the same village, said that most people did not want to be Kep either. The problem has come to a head with land sales in the affected areas proving difficult.

Oun Khorn, Kompong Trach district governor, said that he plans to set up two district commissions to discuss geographical area issues and make things clearer.

The village chief of Kompong Thnith in Kampong Trach district, also complained that it was difficult to work because of the uncertainty of these two geographical locations.

Kep was formally a beach resort in Kampot province and was carved out as a province by royal decree in 2008.

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