Rally Kicks Off in SW Cambodia

A rally event, under the theme “Together for the Protection and Conservation of Natural Resources in Cambodia” is taking place in the south west of the country.

Race teams have completed the first leg and will continue with the second event on Saturday of the month.

The first leg was successfully  completed without any competitor encountering problems. The local residents, who are viewing the car race, have a lot of knowledge about motor sport and are happy to support the race.

On the first day, all of the race teams departed from Phnom Penh towards the race destination in Kampong Speu, running 137 km through Chbar Morn, Oral District and Phnom Sruoch through the Phnom Oral Wildlife Sanctuary and Kirirom National Park.

Racers and spectators have seen beautiful landscaped fields and lush greenery around village communities and across vast tracts of sugarcane.

In the first leg of the competition, number one of Cambodia’s David Roper from Scotland,  Cambodia, while second-placed Cambodians Sek Chan Dara and  Lon Sophia and Thai Song Yos in number 3 spot.

The second day of racing will begin in the provinces of Sihanoukville and Kampot on a 58km road running through coconut plantations crossing the Cardomom mountain range. The red sand roads, paddy fields, and muddy roads will be more difficult than on the first day.

The Rally Ray Raiders 2018 rally car events, co-organized by the Ministry of Environment and the Federation of Motor Vehicles Federation of Cambodia, will race through three provinces, Kampong Speu Province, passing through the Aoral Wildlife Sanctuary and Kirirom National Park in Kampot, Monivong National Park, Bokor Mountain.

For the Sihanoukville leg the racers will cross the Southern Cardamom Mountains National Park with a total distance of 630 miles.

The event involves competitors from five countries, including Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, and Scotland, with a total of 16 motorbikes and 9 cars.

Secretary of State of Environment, Neth Pheaktra emphasized the importance of promoting the potential of natural resources for Cambodians to better understand the implementation of environmental laws. They will focus on the abundance of natural resources, forests and biodiversity across the country and to encourage public participation in the protection and conservation of natural resources and protect a sustainable environment.

The Ministry of Environment’s Secretary of State believes that by promoting rally racing through the conservation areas in Cambodia, people will become more aware of the potential for ecotourism, livelihoods of the community around the protected areas, as well as  the landscape in the forest, including biodiversity of all kinds. All whilst giving the teams a competitive environment driving over difficult roads, from Phnom Penh streets to muddy tracks, rural roads, dust and sandstorms, along with various other obstacles.

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