Appeal For a Down-on-it’s-Luck Blind Monkey

About 4 weeks ago the Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia received a 14 year old mother long tailed macaque monkey, she was named Amari.  Along with Amari was her 10 month old severely injured baby Lori. This is their story….

Amari and Lori spent countless hours being videotaped by locals at the famous Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia, for YouTube viewers across the world.  About a month-and-a-half ago viewers started noticing that Amari appeared to be having vision problems.  People were coming to the conclusion that she could possibly have diabetes and be suffering from diabetic induced retinopathy.

Lori since her birth has managed to suffer many terrible accidents.  A few months back Lori suffered her first traumatic brain injury.  She was treated by some well-intended people there in the area.  And in about a week’s time she was finally released and reunited with her mother Amari. This final accident that the two suffered was not so forgiving. Amari has been the matriarch  macaque in her troupe of monkeys for many years,  when another troupe of monkeys attempted to invade, they chased her up a high temple wall approximately 25 feet and attacked her. In the process with her partial blindness, she managed to have her ear torn apart.

She then went to go seek out her baby Lori who was hiding.  When she finally  found baby Lori, the both attempted to quickly climb back down the wall to escape the invading troupe. That was when Amari took a fall from approximately 25 feet and landed with baby Lori attached to her.  Baby Lori suffered significant brain injuries and spinal injuries, along with a broken leg.

Also a couple days prior, her tail had been ran over by a car. She was in so much pain, at times it was difficult to watch.  The injuries were so severe that people contacted the WLA to come and rescue the girls from the situation. The WLA drove 600 miles to retrieve them and bring them to their Rehabilitation and Sanctuary.

Lori after a month of being at the sanctuary,  has made an amazing recovery.  Her brain injury also caused her some temporary blindness, that the WLA is seeing significant progress in daily, as she continues to recover from her head injury. The rest of her injuries are healing very well and she is up and starting to walk and communicate again. This has overjoyed thousands of people who have tuned into the WLA to receive updates on both of the girls progress.

Amari due to her blindness unfortunately being caused from diabetes, the WLA doesn’t seem to have very much hope for her regaining much of her sight. The WLA however has switched her diet to something more suitable for a macaque with diabetes. Many of their different uploaded Youtube videos may still be seen.

The WLA also maintains a YouTube channel from their zookeeper. The name of the channel is Sitheng Try.  Many people have been tuning in there for current updates.  Amari and Lori have not been able to be together at the sanctuary due to the need of a suitable structure being built for a blind mother macaque, that will also accommodate her handicapped daughter as well. So it is our mission at this point to try and raise funds for the WLA, which is a non-profit organization that rescues wildlife not only in Cambodia, but across Asia as well.

All donations for these two beautiful animals who have sacrificed so much for our pleasure, will be going directly to the WLA. They will not be going into a private account for the people hosting this GoFundMe project.

More information that anyone is interested in on the WLA can be found on the Wild Life Alliance Facebook page. Thank you for your understanding, generosity and support of these two lovely animals.

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5 thoughts on “Appeal For a Down-on-it’s-Luck Blind Monkey

  • January 11, 2020 at 10:08 am

    It’s come to the attention of, well, almost everyone who has been following the various monkey troops being filmed near Angkor Wat that so much of what we’ve all been shown through their videos has been drama created by the people filming. This includes using the easy access to painkillers, as all drugs require no prescription, to crush them up and put them in water that is then given to mothers almost immediately after birth of a newborn in order to kill the mother and create an orphan to film as it deals with a miserable, lonely existence with very little chance of survival, being tipped off that the government was coming to remove many of the mothers and their young babies from a rowdy group that had begun biting a lot of tourists (the cameramen who were always with this group filming did all kinds of things to increase food aggression and instigate fights using food) and so they took and temporarily hid away about 7 of these very young baby monkeys while their mothers were taken away without them which created a glut of very loud crying baby monkeys whose life had just been ruined by the cameramen that surrounded them every day. One of those babies was attacked by two adult males over a couple days time, and they took her to a human hospital of some sort and ended up using a human adult sized I.V. drip on this baby monkey that weighed maybe one oz. leading to organ failure and death, and lastly they were just finally shut down by WLA (thank god for them) after starting what they claimed to be a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization – they are basically charities or non-profits that step in to handle functions that government would usually take care of but for some reason isn’t or cannot or which this organization believes there is a need for more than what the government currently provides) but was clearly a fake, and later found to be completely fake by diligent viewers who looked through Cambodian records of NGO’s. There at their fake NGO they built an approximately 20’x8’x8′ cage that they filled with wild monkeys they drugged and kidnapped to bring there and former pet monkeys, including some very disturbed formerly solitary-housed pet monkeys, baby monkeys, a wild monkey they claimed needed help to heal her leg who was constantly bit / pushed / pulled on by the disturbed pet monkey, etc. Basically it became their monkey film studio. They were very likely the responsible party for some of Lori’s injuries as they’ve gone on to harm or kill or ‘disappear’ 50+ monkeys as to one dedicated viewer’s count of things.

    I have absolutely nothing against you but most people would be wise to not donate anything unless it’s directly to WLA. They are a U.S. headquartered non-profit, they are very well funded, and these cameramen guys had also started a go-fund me page for their fake as hell ‘NGO’ raking in money from gullible viewers that they ended up pocketing the entirety of. There is so much animal abuse, crime, deception, and endless gas-lighting and lying taking place surrounding these monkeys that many of us have turned into advocates for them and have begun doing everything we can to spread the word of their cons, their greed (they post all over their personal facebooks the thousands of dollars they make, bragging about themselves acting like they are’s pretty damn pathetic), and the death and destruction they’ve inflicted on these monkeys at a, recently, drastically increasing rate.

  • July 19, 2020 at 7:17 am

    Hello, my name is Lisa Barnes, I live in the US, and I’ve fallen in love with many of the monkeys videoed at the Angkor Wat location..and I too want to become an advocate for this Beautiful monkeys in Cambodia. I’ve heard a lot about the Vo’s and their feedings to these monkeys, specially the young ones, assuming they cared for them, but now seeing it was most part a lie. They seem to only want to earn the monkeys trust..then yes, I’ve seen babies moms disappearing, leaving these babies orphaned, alone, vulnerable and a target for beatings ,death by alphas or kidnappings! And also I guess the Vo’s profit on high viewer #’s to make money off Utube ect. Recently, in past week or two, we were told government there was darting/Anastasia, and putting fruit out, in order to cage them and have them all culled!!! Of coarse the video headers claimed they were “Relocated” another viewer says there are thousands of monkeys there, and that they destroy crops, homes, and attack ppl, tourist ect. and the government was culling them! As of yesterday I believe, there have been 3-caging up and relocating done..even leaving babies to young to defend themselves without moms! What is the real story here on all this? I know that area recieved a lot of tourist money, why would they do this to even the gentle monkeys and there families? Can you help me understand what’s going on? I’m deeply concerned, and also concerned for the kidnappings of baby monkeys there, and the “Family Tree Rat” channel who openly abuse and kill these creatures? Thankyou for you help, and your Hope’s in saving these creatures!

    • August 1, 2020 at 5:41 am

      It’s sad that they kill these monkeys that we’ve watched for years. They dont get relocated. I know they say they’re a nuisance, but watching these troops, it’s like watching humans. They are so intelligent and I dont understand how anyone could kill such amazing creatures. Ultimately, humans cause chaos and dysfunction in the troops by feeding them. I know Angkor Wat is a tourist attraction but the monkeys were there first. It’s not their fault they get fed and they shouldnt be killed because of HUMANS. The VO’S that film them dont give a shit about them. They are sick and have done unspeakable things to get views. Personally, I think the humans should be the ones put to death. And the most important thing for you to understand is we all know that if we view the videos, they get paid. So it’s our fault and are equally if not more to blame for what happens to these precious creatures.

      • January 19, 2021 at 6:03 am

        They killed Popeye. So sad. I loved her.

  • August 25, 2021 at 5:14 am

    The one I am trying to get help is just a baby. She was recently bitten and left with a leg injury. I think it looks broken, without human help she will die. Her name is Vigo and her mother is Vegas she is listed with Solo monkeys and many others who don’t seem to want to help. You Please help her she is a wonderful little girl with a remarkable family. Until this accident, I wanted to send her story to the Perkins School of the blind here in the states the kids would love to hear it. I have reached out to quite a few people but no one has reached back. Please I am begging you for help I don’t want to see this precious life suffer and die


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