Safari World Zoo Has Critics

Wildlife Conservation groups consider keeping animals in the Safari World zoo as barbarous. They say one of Phnom Penh’s largest attractions is designed for fun, regardless of animal conservation.

Nick Marx,  program director for Wildlife Alliance, told the Post that rare species in Cambodia such as tigers elephants, monkeys, and birds are  endangered species that need to be protected, and preserved.  The largest zoos  are designed for purely for entertainment.

At the same time, he referred to the Sarafi World Zoo as a “circus shop”. Training animals to perform uses a variety of methods, usually involving cruelty.

He spoke mainly about the elephants that the Zoo team brought from the community and from some private zoos. To train them, they must be brutally tortured for the sake money from people visiting the zoo. These activities are contrary to the work Conservation Forestry Administration and partners are doing today.

“The [Phnom Penh Safari] here is used for human recreation,” Marx stressed. “The zoo has not been involved in conservation or rescue. “

Around this case, an animal  caretaker at the Safari Zoo told the Post on condition of anonymity, that elephants were brought from Mondolkiri, Koh Kong and Teuk Teak in Kampot. They are wild elephants, and stubborn, so need to be tamed by training them well to avoid danger to the audience.

“In general, animal training is not an easy thing, especially for elephants,” he said. “Somehow, it can crack and change its behavior. If we can not manage it, how to keep our viewers safe? It is incorrect to say that our program does not involve animal protection and conservation. Our program is part of conservation work, as we aim to inspire people’s awareness of the animals through their creation, be intimate with animals and having the mind to love and protect animals. “

But Marx asserted that coaching programs in the United States and the United Kingdom were stopped, over animal rights and animal harm.

Marx, whose organization is a  partner of the Forestry Administration and Apsara Authority in Wildlife Conservation, praised the National  Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center as a perfect program that other zoos investors should follow.

“All zoo owners should model themselves on the National Park Zoo and the Wild Animal Rescue Center program. Prepare to plant trees to be wild for sheltering animals naturally, not detaining animals by putting feed and not harming the beasts. “

He said that the zoo at Nhuuk Vanda’s Teuk Chhou district in Kampot province would not be able to move forward for a long time. There is a lack of food for livestock, while the number of visitors is less.

But Bun Bransa, an animal caretaker at the zoo, also claims that some of the big animals, such as tigers, elephants and reindeer, haven been taken to new locations in Prey Veng and the Safari World Zoo.

“Our zoo has only about 10 species of animals left,” he said “Two bears, a rooster, and some birds. “

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