Farming Expo Opens on Koh Pich

AGRILIVESTOCK 2018 was officially opened on the morning of 01 November 2018, at Koh Pich Exhibition Center, Phnom Penh.

It was presided over by Mr. Veng Sakhon, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. This event was attended by leaders of various ministries, state institutions, NGOs, private sector partners, national and international companies.

Also in attendance were raisers of livestock, animal and vegetable processing, community farmers, businessmen, farm owners, farmers, millers, and veterinarians.

Richard Yew, regional vice president of AMB Tarsus Events Group, (the organizer) said: “We are proud of Organizing the event again and again thanks to the support and cooperation of the ministries and the people in this field”.

He hoped that local professionals who participated here would contribute to the potential as the agricultural sector in Cambodia is developing, and continues to contribute to the livelihood of a large number of farmers and related businesses.

The exhibition presents products related to animal feed and additives, milling machines, packing systems and livestock production systems and equipment.

It is also a good time to build a business relationship because many exhibitors are looking for business partners in Cambodia He continued to say: “This is an opportunity for experts in the industry to produce animal feed in communication, extracting experiences on technical work and other opportunities. Related to doing business in Cambodia, especially attracting investors to pay attention to the production of animals and animal health in the domestic and foreign markets”.

Mr. Veng Sakhon also called on those in the sector to collaborate to make agriculture more prosperous.

In order to promote the livestock sector, the minister also gave three recommendations: First, to promote the production of animal feed using raw materials, allowing locals to create jobs for local people, by reducing costs and importing raw materials.

In addition, to promote the well-being of animals by ensuring public health through the implementation of good animal production. To cooperate with private sector development partners and research institutions. To conduct detailed studies of animal feed, drugs and protective products or products to ensure effectiveness and reduce health risks. 2nd: Means for the prevention and treatment of animal feed. Additives used in combining animal feed must be properly registered and require branding in Khmer.

Additionally,  to ensure quality in accordance with the law, business owners must be consistent with the content of sub-decrees, announcements and guides issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to ensure the professional ethics code and transparency for mutual benefit to ensure public safety and health, animal, consumer, and animal husbandry specialists, and farmers.

Third: to cooperate with specialized units to facilitate trade, agriculture, animal and animal products better, with greater efficiency. These include importing and exporting local agricultural products to countries around the world, encouraging animal breeding to increase the potential for animal production and competition.

The ministries also hope to competitively reduce imports and strengthen partnerships between the public, private sector, breeders, and the investment environment for the animal feed industry, food processing and products.

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minister showed strong confidence that the ministry would continue to co-operate with the private sector in ensuring highly responsible partnerships under the “State-Private, Development Partners and Community” approach for increased investment in the field of animal production in the near future.

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