“Clean Phnom Penh” Month Begins

Phnom Penh): “Clean Phnom Penh Campaign”, part of the “Clean Project”, has launched its second run for the year 2018, with an interesting new outreach activity plan on management Garbage in Phnom Penh. The official launch ceremony was held on Thursday 01 November 2018 at the Phnom Penh International University, with the participation of Ambassador of the European Union to the Kingdom of Cambodia, George EDGAR, Eang Sophalleth Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment, Mr. Hout Hay, Deputy Governor of Phnom Penh and Mr. HUN Many, Member of the Royal Government And a co-founder of “Clean Projects”.

There was also a warm welcome from distinguished guests, leaders of private companies, associations, non-governmental organizations, embassies and sponsors of Clean Phnom Penh Projects and Clean Members of Clean Youth Project, Goodwill Ambassador, Artist and Artist, with a total of 150 people.

The “Clean Phnom Penh Campaign” is held annually during November, which has been called a “Clean Month.” This year, the second year of the Clean Phnom Penh Campaign, which will take place throughout November, has been carried out voluntarily with the participation of 200 “Good Young Couples”. In fact, youth volunteers who are campaign sponsors will volunteer according to 9 major action plans, such as: Education Seminar on Public Institutions and Private Institutions (34 Establishments) , Public forum, campaign inspiration through the social media challenge “My beautiful Phnom Penh clean”, creating a controversial contest Short educational videos, continue to spread through close sticker ‘clean’ and urged to accept the concept in a comprehensive manner,

The main concept of a clean project that creates a “Clean Phnom Penh Campaign” is garbage, not someone else’s, it comes from all of us who demand shared responsibility together in common direction – ” Clean “meaning” no trash. ” This cause has led to the essential purpose of “Clean Phnom Penh Campaign”, which focuses on behavioral changes through education and dissemination in waste management in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh, under the slogan “The trash does not fall to the ground”  . “Clean Phnom Penh Campaign” will be a solution to Cambodia’s waste problem, especially for the education of young people and children in order to share knowledge, experience in environmental protection, aesthetics and well-being.

The “Phnom Penh Clean” project is a campaign that needs cooperation from relevant ministries, state and private institutions, as well as universities and schools. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism, National Committee for Clean City Assessment, as well as Phnom Penh Capital Administration.

Therefore, Phnom Penh Clean Campaign is set for the second time in November 2018 and subsequent years with new topics related to waste management until all people change their habits and change their littering practices. Correctly, there is no rubbish to land in Phnom Penh, just like the motto of Phnom Penh Clean Campaign “Sam Ream does not fall to Phnom Penh better. “

Also, “Clean projects” were created in November 2017 by six co-founders from different institutions, including: Chy Sila, Sabay Group’s 2nd CEO: Mr. Hun Sen Mani, Member of the National Assembly and Chair of the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia 3: Mrs. CHEA CHOPHARA, CEO Emerald Plus 4: Ms. Heng Thida, Individual Persons of CIMB Cambodia PLC 5: Hai Phyrum, CEO of Bosch in Cambodia, and 6: Tep Kolap, Rector of Phnom Penh International University (PPIU).

Phnom Penh Clean is participated and supported by MoEYS, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism, National Committee for Clean City Assessment, Phnom Penh Capital Hall, Cambodia Chamber of Commerce, Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association, Cambodian Restaurant Association, European Chamber of Commerce, Associations Young Entrepreneurs and International Business and Economics Science and Technology Associations in Cambodia Cambodia (AIESEC) and other institutions.

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