Apologies Foreigner Forks Out $250

According to Facebook comments from a relative of the Khmer people involved in an accident with a foreigner on October 27, the man finally gave the family $250 in compensation, even though the relative agrees the foreigner was not entirely in the wrong. The relative and the foreigner even shook hands after the money was paid, which drew even more ire from Facebook readers.

The case has found widespread criticism from local people on social media, most of whom are on the side of the foreigner. After the backlash, the latest post from the relative reads:

I’m sorry to say that I lost my good reputation. Foreigners are good people. They show me a very good attitude. Because I’m wrong, I do not wear helmets, I’m thankful for the foreigners again, regardless of my mistakes. Additional money to treat my sister very much Sorry for the irreverent behavior of my family because he knew the facts Repeat this foreigner again because he wants to make a mistake but I’m wrong you need to get the money I do not demand that the lender get the money ok I’m wrong should not get that money for anything My story and my uncle’s family are involved in that story because because he was not with me in the incident, his friends all expressed their opinion. Read the finer points I and in accordance with good ideas


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