23 Chinese Lose Wheels

Sihanoukville: According to the National Police, at 17:20 on Thursday,  October 25, 2018, the traffic police force performed road checks in Sangkat 4. There are 23 unlicensed cars taken away from Chinese drivers with improper documentation.

General Health Deputy Police Preah Sihanouk province, said the 23 units 
include: 1. Car Brands HIGH Länder black plate number 2AJ-4505. 
2. The vehicle Lexus RX300 white plate number 2AK-3587 . 
3. The white Lexus RX300 car plate number Sihanoukville 2A-9951. 
4. The white Hyundai sedan wearing The Phnom Penh Plaque 2AY-8220. 
5. The blue Hyundai car plate number Sihanoukville. 2B-1869 
6-car brand Lexus RX300 The plate number 2AT-3452. 
7. Hyundai sedan with gold plate number Sihanoukville 2D-9809. 
8 – White TOYOTA AVANZA, White Plate, Number plate, Phnom Penh, 2AT-9463.
9 – White PORSCHE brand, Phnom Penh # 2AI-9988.
10. Car Lexus RX300 with gold plate number Sihanouk 2C-9828. 
11- black BMW car plate number. 2AF-1686 
12-branded car HIGH Lander bonus code Sihanoukville. 2A-5837 
13. BMW white car plate number 2AD-9090. 
14 – White BMW white car 2AJ-9988. 
15- black Hyundai car plate number 2AV-9313. 
16 white car TUNDRA plate number. 2BB-1101 
17-car brand HIGH Lander Silver plate number 2. AM-2162 
18 cars Black LEXUS RX300 Black Plated Brand Number 2R-3152.
19 Toyota Alphard Black plate number Sihanouk 2B-1555.
20- CAMERY brand with gold plate number 2o-2211. 
21-car Range Rover white plate number. 2AQ-2552 
22-car watercolor PRUIS gold plate number 2R-8137. 
23 branded car HIGH Länder red plate number 2AV-6803.

All vehicles were taken to the traffic police offices.


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