Mystery as “Plane Parts” Fall From Sky After Explosion

Preah Vihear: On the early morning of October 25, 2018,  many people in Preah Vihear province  heard a loud bang in the air over Kulen district. Pieces of aluminum and resin were later found scattered on the ground and others fell on houses.

So far, authorities and authorities have not yet been able to say exactly what these fragments are, as though they were considered by many to fragments from an aircraft.

The shock occurred at 06:20 am local time in Sroeung commune, Kulen district, Preah Vihear province, and authorities, and people searched for the pieces on the ground. Some fell on in the fields, and some to the people’s homes.

In the rare event, provincial police commissioner Gen. Gen Yin Chamnan told Fresh News news agency that so far, experts at all levels have not yet been able to reach a conclusion about the source, and a team of specialists have come to investigate further.

He said that after the explosion in the air,  fragments weighing more than 40 kilograms were found, but did not injuries to people, but did damage some property.

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 9 pieces of vehicle that fell on the plot, land and people’s homes. One of the following are:

* 1: Atan market is in the area of ​​Soyen Nhai village, Hai Duong commune, 02 pounds, 0.60 grams 
. * 2: Kien Kang’s flat land, Sroeung Cheung village, Sroeung commune, 0.90×0.81 weight. 7,50kg 
* 3rd: On the roof of Im Hak, 1 pearl hamlet, 1.30kg, 1.23×5 shares 
. * 4th: land of Khunmuth, Sreang Gem village, weight 12 Ki Be grams
* 5: The plot’s name aprons srayngcheung coins weighing 2 kg
* 6: A plot of srayngcheung 1 piece 1.50 kg
* 7: The peacock oak field of geographical names Takong Sopheak Leu hamlet 1 pound 7kg
* 8th: The royal palace of Sreang Cheung village in the field of Dysit, 1 pound weight, 2.50kg
* 9th: The rice field of Sieng Nhan hamlet in the rice field of Khim Tep, a length of 2.50kg and 8kg.

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