Cop Pistol-Whips Man After Accident

Phnom Penh: A preliminary report says a police officer in the anti-drug department pulled out a pistol on another man, and beat him at 9:40 pm on October 23, on Street 271 in Sen Sok district’s Teuk Thla commune.

The pistol whipping came after a minor traffic accident between 2 motorcycles. The cop, riding a PCX, refused to stop after hitting the victim’s Honda Dream. Both men were rumoured to have been drunk at the time.

The victim picked himself up and chased after the fleeing motorcyclist. After catching up a price of $200 compensation was agreed upon. It was then that the suspect withdrew a K54 pistol and beat the other man about the head.

The unidentified cop rode off, but the matter had been reported to the local police, who followed the trail to the suspect’s house, where they disarmed him. The suspect was then taken to Sen Sok police station, but for now, the authorities are keeping tight lipped about his name and possible consequences.


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