Another Kampong Spue Factory Turned Over

Kompong Speu: Another Kampong Spue factory was targeted by a group of unidentified thieves. The safe was forced open and cabinets looted, but the amount stolen is not being revealed by the factory.

The Foot Forward Sock company, located on National Road 4 in Samrong Tong district had 24 hour security, which somehow missed the break-in and ransacking of the offices.

Workers said that the thieves had cut down the wire fence around the factory and forced a locked door sometime between 1:00 and 2:00 am on October 23. According to rumors, the robbers took “millions of dollars”.

Both police and Royal Gendarmerie Corps of Samrong-Tong  were unwilling to discuss the case with reporters.

Between August and October 2018, there have been 5 similar cases of robbery in the area; 2 in Samrong Tong and 3 in Kong Pisey district.


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