Egg Thief Dobs in Drug Dealer

Kompong Speu Province: On 21 October 2018, a chicken farm owner made a complaint to police after nearly 100 eggs were stolen in Ksem Pong commune, Oudong district, Kampong Speu province.

Yan Leang, 22, fromKampong Chhnang province, came to work on the poultry farm for owner Taing Chheng Lim, 54.

Prior to the detention of the suspect, police have received complaints from the farmer that there had been numerous egg thefts hand raised suspicions over one of her workers. After receiving a complaint from the owner, the cops arrested the suspects and immediately found a small package of drugs on his person, so was taken for questioning at the Inspectorate.

The suspect admitted that he had stolen 90 eggs, which he sold to fund his drug habit.

He then ratted out a man named Mao Rarm, a 27-year-old male for selling him the substances.

After hearing this confession, the police paid a visit to the dealer’s house and found enough evidence to bring him in too.

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