Double Child Murder Suspect in Custody

Fantastic result for Task Force “Quebec” Double Homicide.

I want to take this opportunity to commend and praise the members of Joint Task For “Quebec” who worked tirelessly to investigate the double homicide of two young girls from the 17th to the 22nd of October 2018.

Few people will understand the challenges, impact and drain such an investigation has on those tasked with one of the most important roles to be bestowed on an investigator, the investigation of the death of another human being.

I cannot speak highly enough of the CPU Homicide Team, Kompong Chhnang Police Command, Deputy Commissioner Duch Chamroeun, CPU and MOI Crime Scene Teams and Task Force members involved in this investigation, their dedication and commitment was exemplary.

Few people will know of or understand the behind the scenes coordination and management of a major investigation such as this. I am not sure why Homicide 31 and 32 of 2018 attracted an enormous amount of media attention and emotion from the cambodian and international communities, was it due to the viral video of the offence (which the CPU did not sanction or post) was it because it was two young children, was it the enormous outpouring of grief and anger from the community, I really don’t know what made these two homicides so different from the 30 that came before. I believe all homicides especially of children demand the same outcry.

What I do know is that it placed an enormous responsibility and strain on the JTF commanders to ensure that a thorough and meticulous investigation was conducted and the correct offender identified and arrested. The public was rightly demanding action as were the leaders of this country and to their credit the JTF delivered.

The team remained focused and explored all options and scenarios it would have been very easy to have fallen into the trap of targeting and focusing on an individual that was the initial primary suspect and who was later cleared. It was only through determination and meticulous investigation that the JTF identified the real offender and that was done by interviewing or speaking to nearly every resident in the commune. The fact that the JTF had detained 3 persons of interest was not released to the media. These individuals were interrogated and statements were obtained. It was then the JTFs role to find and prove every lie in their statement there were NO eyewitnesses to the crime and little forensic evidence however through sheer determination a timeline developed and the correct offender identified and when confronted with the overwhelming evidence against him, he confessed.

I was extremely proud to be apart of this investigation and manage a great team. I congratulate you all on your outstanding efforts and commitment to this investigation. We have fulfilled the promise to the victims, they will see justice served the suspect will be charged today’s date with 2 counts of aggravated murder which carries a life sentence.

I congratulate you all JTF Quebec.

RIP little ones.

Written by CPU

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