Svay Rieng Police Catch 3 Viets With 400 Packets

Svay Rieng: Three Vietnamese suspects were detained and sent to the court on October 18, 2018, in Svay Rieng province after they were caught with 404 packets of illegal drug in  their possession


According to sources, the three suspects were:

1. Phien Thi Thoi, a 43-year-old Vietnamese from Oantyi in Ben Hue district, Tien Ting district, Long An province, Vietnam. 

2. Vincent, a 55-year-old Vietnamese immigrant 

3. Ma Ying Long, a 52-year-old Vietnamese residing in Loong Long village, Khau Lok Province, Vietnam.

A total of 104.85 grams (in packets) were seized.       Source DAP NEWS

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