Bizarre Monk Love Triangle Leads to Stabbing

(Kampong Speu): After Pchum Ben festival a pair of monks stole alcohol and got drunk together. tThis led to an argument and one monk pulled a knife and stabbed the other in the leg.

The wounded monk is now asking for compensation of $5000 after the incident at Wat Kirivong Sleng in Ta Nang village, Krasang Ampil district, Samrong Torng district, Kampong Speu on 9 October 2018. 

The monks have been named as San Kimsan, a chief monk who did the stabbing, and Sok Bunthy, a fellow monk at the same pagoda.

Now, the story gets weirder, as the drunken argument was over a village girl, who both monks profess to love. In another twist to this most unholy of love triangles, the girl in question is 5 months pregnant, but the issue of paternity hangs over both monks, with nobody sure who the father is.

The case has caused much controversy, especially as the chief monk remains, for the moment, at the pagoda.


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