Horrific Child Murder in Anlong Veng

Oddar Meanchey: A teenager brutally murdered a 5-year-old girl because he was angry with the mother of the victim in Oddar Meanchey Province.

The suspect is a 17 year old word-worker from Baray district, Kampong Thom province, currently residing in O’Tameng village, Anlong Veng commune, Anlong Veng district, Oddar Meanchey province.

The incident occurred on October 13, 2018,  in O’Tameng village, Anlong Veng.

Anlong Veng district police officers received information at 9:30 am, and arrested the suspect “Chin Chumno”, 17.

Under interrogation, the suspect confessed that he actually committed the murder of the victim, named Hun  Racharar, or Ly Nhat, a 5-year-old who was sleeping in a hammock underneath the house alone.

He took the sleeping child into the forest behind the victim’s house, about 80 meters away, when the she woke up. The suspect then strangled her and sexually assaulted the victim.

He then admitted to going home and returning back to the scene with a knife and cutting her throat to make sure she was dead. He then gouged out her eyes, as he believed this would somehow prevent him being caught (a supersticion that the eyes can tell police the last face they saw).

The reason for the murder was because the suspect was having conflicts with the victim’s mother, who ‘ looked down on him’, and he was planning to kill the child for three days, and was waiting for the opportunity.



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