Kampot Cop Brought in Over Gun Waving

Kampot: A police officer in Kampot province was brought in by his superiors after being pictured pulling a gun out in Teuk Chhou district.

The officer from Kampot city police was dressed in civilian clothes at the time.

Images of him threatening people with the firearm were posted on social media gained strong criticism from the public. After receiving this information, Kampot provincial police commissioner Lieutenant General Mao Chanthirith, on October 13, 2018 ordered the police force to search for and detain the police officer for questioning.

Speaking this morning, Major General Mao Chanthirith said the police official, named Meng Da works at Kampot Police Inspectorate.

According to the Chief of General Staff, after finishing his questioning, he will convene a disciplinary council, and if the police officer is found to be in the wrong, will face disciplinary action.

The incident allegedly took place on October 10, 2018. However, it is not yet known what caused the circumstances surrounding the actions were.

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