Cambodian Rice Wins Award

Phnom Penh: Cambodia was the Winner of the World Best Rice 2018, on October 12.

The 10th World Rice Conference, hosted by The Rice Trader was held from the 10th-12th October in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Mr. Sok Puthivuth, President of the Cambodian Rice Federation, led the Board of Directors and members of the Cambodian Rice Federation.

During that occasion, he raised the theme of “Cambodia’s Key Export Origin in Focus” to the attendees at the conference.

He emphasized the export of Cambodian rice with a focus on luxury rice, diversification, market expansion, modernization of the rice production chain and the geographical marking (GI)  of the area around the Tonle Sap lake. The Tonle Sap has special geographical features and has a long tradition of cultivating rice. 
By: Nham Sok Seth


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