Holiday Tourist Numbers Down in SHK

 Preah Sihanouk province: Visitor numbers spending Pchum Ben festival have dropped dramatically compared to previous years. Blame is being directed at the growing Chinese population that caused anarchy, poor hygiene, high prices guesthouses, hotels, and damaged infrastructure and roads.

Since the Chinese have come to live in Sihanoukville, we find that now, unlike before, there was a huge change in both the security and the environment compared to the past. Now the fun has all gone.

Once in Sihanoukville,  there were many people visiting there during the holiday season. This year, we see that tourists are very quiet, very few people want to go. “The Chinese live there too much.”

According to the Sihanoukville Department of Tourism, during the Pchum Ben festival, a total of 79,587 visitors came, a drop of  13.49% on last year.



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