Cambodia trains youth, poor for jobs in Japan

The new agreement will help to revitalise Japan’s workforce, which is starting to struggle as the population ages out.
By:  | October 7, 2018
The Cambodian government has started training its youth and poorer residents for possible employment in Japan.

The country’s Labour Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with the Japan and Cambodia Interactive Association (JCIA) to bring skilled Cambodians to Japan.

JCIA has been sending Cambodian trainees to work in Japan during the past two years, according to Labour Minister Ith Samheng.

There are now more than 8,000 Cambodians working in Japan.

Cambodia will continue to send more trainees to work in Japan in the next two years, although the exact number has not yet been made public.

Under the memorandum, 90 private recruitment companies and two organisations have been licensed to choose, train, send and manage Cambodians to work in Japan.

The sectors of focus are agriculture, fishing, construction, food processing, garment making, and elder care.

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