Zim Zimmer… Drunk Gets the Keys to a Bimmer

Phnom Penh: A luxury BMW, with a man suspected of drunken driving behind the wheel, hit the embankment and continued to take out a set of traffic lights.

This incident occurred at 2:45 am,  on October 6, 2018, along the Russian Federation road, Mittapheap, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh (Phan Ngon District).

According to the source, before the scene, a man traveling with a friend was drunk, with a black BMW R6 “2AA-3688”  at high speeds along Russian. The airbags worked, and fortunately, the accident did not cause injuries.

After the incident, the competent authorities arrived at the scene of the scene of the crash, and took the car to be kept at the traffic police office of the Phnom Penh Police Commission to wait for the legal procedure.



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