Cambodian Fashion Goes to USA

Phnom Penh: Two Cambodian models, Premprey  Sovothana and Rany Pettis,  will be present at the US International Fashion Show in October 2018 with Cambodian star Maya. They are expected to bring pride to the Cambodian people on the international stage.

They will fly to the United States on October 5. This international-standard program will feature graphic designers and designers from 5 countries, including India, Pakistan, the United States and Cambodia.   Apart from Maya, two Khmer models living in the United States will also appear in this big event.

Speaking from the United States, Premprey   Sovothana, a 26-year-old Khmer model currently living in Massachusetts, USA, has participated in several fashion shows in Cambodia. She confirmed that she was happy to attend this great event, specially dressed in remembrance by Remy Hou, adding that she was proud to wear a special combination of fashion trends by Khmer products, like silk, andthe Khmer-style jewelry that make this garment stand out on the international stage.

Rany Pettis, of Florida, USA, wrote that she had been a model since 2008. She said she used to show clothes and jewelry in Cambodia. Although she has been living in the United States since 2012, she expressed the excitement of getting a chance to work with Remy Hou. She expects this special design to receive a lot of support and showcase the good reputation of Khmer artists and international competitors.

Remy Hou   is a renowned designer who has been working in fashion design since 2008 and branched into shoes in 2010.


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