First Floating Houses Begin Move to Dry Land

Kampong Chhnang Province: October 1, 2018, was the first day to move floating houses in Kampong Chhnang to the mainland.

Prepared by the provincial authorities, there are more than 100 houses prepared to go across the province. The provincial authorities ask people to cooperate while the river is still high.

Sun Sovannrith, deputy governor of Kompong Chhnang province, gave interviews while preparing the move

Living on water affects the environment, such as waste disposal and sewage polluting the water, which affects health.

The provincial authority will prepare the riverbank to be a tourist site, therefore are moving the floating houses to a designated area of more than 70 hectares.

For the first step, there are only 35 hectares of land at the new location, and the provincial authority will prepare the drainage system, put it a potable water system, and connect the electricity.

The deputy governor of the province apologized that electricity and water supply was not ready yet.

2,395 families with a population of 10,087 live in floating villages across Kampong Chnnang.


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