MH370 Searcher Requests Drones

MH370 ‘crash site’ drone mission ordered to FIND ‘wreckage’ in Cambodian jungle

A TOP aviation expert has demanded MH370 investigators fly a drone to the missing jet’s claimed crash site spotted on Google Maps.

Yijun Yu wants investigators to send one of the human-free aircrafts to the chaotic Cambodian jungle and land it directly on coordinates revealed by tech expert Ian Wilson.

Wilson claimed to Daily Star Online MH370’s Boeing 777-200 is lying there after his bombshell Google Maps sighting.

And Yu has demanded his theory be put to the test, after he was left stunned no one had sent in a drone yet.

The senior computing lecturer – who specialises in researching aviation software – told Daily Star Online: “The place is on land, so it’s not too costly to get something there to investigate.

“They can send a drone helicopter to that location, it’s not so far away, unlike the Indian Ocean where it’s so hard to find.

“It’s in Cambodia, it’s not so remote, I think it’s worth searching.

“The cost is much cheaper than the ocean was and to clarify this problem, you can at least remove uncertainty.

“Several governments have spent a lot of money searching for evidence.

“If you can’t exclude this possible explanation, the cost you spent earlier (in the ocean) may not be good value for money.

“You’ve spent a lot of money on area it may not be. It’s helpful to rule out this possibility.”

Following Wilson’s claim, a group of aviation experts flew a helicopter above the jungle and said they were hovering above his co-ordinates.

The experts said they found nothing, but private investigator Andre Milne – founder of military tech company Unicorn Aerospace – slammed their mission “useless” because they couldn’t get to the ground.

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