Meth Beatles Tour Sen Sok

On September 30, 1998, at 01:30 am, police detained 4 drug addicts on Street 2004, Sen Sok District.

Four suspects were
1-Siengy, 23-year-old (John)
2- Chum Vanna, male, 23 years old (Paul)
3- Chhum Vannak, male, 20 years old (George)
4-Thrannak, male, 22 years old, (Ringo)

*The fab four were seen riding a motorbike and acting unlike day trippers, in fact they seemed to have a ticket to ride down the long and winding road. When challenged by cops they claimed to be going nowhere, man, and pleaded please, please, me.

The cops took them away twisting and shouting, and managed to get back to Sen Sok police station, where, with the court they will come together to, adding “We can work it out”, but they were satisfied after a hard day’s night of police work.


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