#Mootoo; Spurned Cattle Rapist Kills Victim

Takeo Province: A drunken man (article says a teacher several times) was returning home after a session on the sauce and spotted a cow sleeping at the side of the road.

Feeling a bit horny, the man decided to chance a bit of sex on the beast, but the cow wasn’t in the mood and kicked the would be rapist in his family jewels.

Enraged by this physical rejection, the suspect took a knife and killed, then mutilated the unfortunate bovine victim.

The owner of the cow complained to police, who arrested drunk and will proceed with legal action.

This rather unusual incident happened on September 26, 2018.

In his confession, the suspect (Neck Neturn??) said that before the incident on the night of September 26, 2018, he went drinking with friends in the village until he became drunk and walked home. After arriving at the scene, he found a cow that was sleeping near the road, causing a sexual arousal. Whilst enjoying the act,  suddenly the cow was surprised and booted him in the testicles. The man then pulled a knife and cut the cow, and in a rage ‘shredded’ it.

After the incident, the owner of the cow hurried to report the crime to the police, who arrested the above suspect and will proceed according to the law (which one(s) are unclear).






After the incident, the owner of the cow spotted the incident, hurry to report to the police to help intervene to arrest the above suspect brought to proceed according to procedures.

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