Youth Beaten to Death By Brick Throwing Gang

Kandal: On September 25, 2018, at Taun Village, Sa Ang Phnom Commune, Saang District, Kandal Province. Two people:  Pham Dach Pao, 17 years old, and Keen Keo, male, 21 years old, were beaten by a gang of brick throwing yobbos. The 17 year old victim later died of his injuries.

Five suspects were identified as Kanh Sant, male, 25 years old,  Vant Chantha, male, 18 years old,  Thoeun Sok Thet male, 19 years old, who were caputured and detained.  Khour Kheo, 18 and  Yoeun Vin, male, 21 years old escaped and are being hunted by police.

On September 25, the two groups had an argument which turned violent. The two victims were beaten by the suspects who hit them with bricks to the head.  The  17 year old was was sent to Phnom Penh Hospital, but died at 8.30 pm, the same day.

Warning, graphic images:

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