Sexy Girl Will Continue Internet Snaps

PHNOM PENH: In response to a warning from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Srey Rattanak Pisey said that she would recognize the ministry’s order, but it did not mean she had to be withdrawn from the public eye. Her images are still on display on TV and songs.

“I am not dissatisfied with any ministry, but instead I will cut off sexy attire on stage, TV channel or concert, etc., but will continue posting on the internet,” said Rattanak Pisey.”  It is normal for me. “

Pisey continued, “Actually, my sexy clothes are not too much or too extreme, and the public or the fiancé does not react. The ministry did not follow up on our activities all the time. But, as we know, Khmer traditional traditions are gentle and gentle, not only in the eyes of the men, which means not to appreciate Khmer women. “

The Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts  issued a warning message to the sexy stars, including Rattanak Pisey to stop being so provocative. A source added that the ministry did not follow the actions of the artist, especially the humanitarian activities in society, and would rather just criticize the artists who wore sexy attire.

In addition to Rattanak Pisey, the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts also issued a warning to three Khmer stars, including Pich Avis, Nandi, and Sok Srey Moch, under the accusation that the stars affect the culture and values of Khmer tradition.

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