Kampot Seeks World Heritage Status

Kampot: Relevant officials are preparing a tourism policy and building a preliminary document of the city of Kampot in preparation for World Heritage listing.

Potentials are found in many areas, especially the architectural restoration of the old buildings. Given the potential of Kampot province, particularly in relation to the architectural structures left behind by the French colonial era, the Ministry of Tourism has cooperated with the Ministry of Culture, Provinces and relevant institutions to compile a list of heritage sites to apply to UNESCO as a Heritage  World City.

His Excellency Prof. Preap Vury, Director of the National Tourism Institute at the Opening Ceremony for Preparation of Tourism Policy and Preparation of Preliminary Documents of Kampot City on Sept. 26, said that plans to include Kampot city in the city list of World Heritage sites will conserve the town and become a new tourism attraction in the region.

This will create jobs and increase income for citizens as well as boost national growth. He asked authorities, departments, units and people to cooperate in preserving the city, especially for cleaning rubbish.

Environmental hygiene enhances the beauty of the city, increasing the attractiveness to tourists.

Dr. Sivatham Channdevy, Director of the Heritage Center at the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and Vice-President of the University The Royal Fine Arts Association has confirmed that the province that has organized a study project which will  include heritage sites in Battambang, Kampot and Kratie.

According to a forecast vision of His Excellency Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism in 2020, Cambodia will receive about 7 million international tourists With revenue of more than $ 5 billion, direct employment generation of about 1 million, and benefit millions more indirectly.


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