Floating Villages to Relocate

Kampong Chhnang Province: According to a notice from Kampong Chhnang Provincial Hall on September 24, 2018, people living in floating houses around Kampong Chhnang will have to move to live on dry land provided by provincial authorities. The relocation will take begin from October 1, 2018 and environmental reasons are cited for the plan.

The provincial authorities will disseminate this notice to the people who are living in floating villages on the Tonle Sap. This is part of the implementation of the province’s 5-year plan, which will remove all floating houses in Kampong Chhnang’s Chong Tong district, Boribo district, and Koh Thuc commune, Peam Chak, Chakryi District, Seab and Tesach Districts in Kompong Tralach and Kampong Leng District.

The residents are to  relocated to a site in Svay Chrum commune, Roach district. However, the Deputy Governor said that the implementation would begin gradually. According to the provincial planning, the floating houses were set to be moved in 2019, but due to the favorable water situation this year, the floating houses will be dragged to a prepared location and will remain when water levels fall.

Throughout Kampong Chhnang, there are more than 3,000 families living on the water. The provincial authorities will request  about 40 hectares of land from the government for resettlement.



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