Battambang Bestial Boys

A strange incident has been reported after three young men stole a cow, but not to sell.  Instead they took turns to rape the poor bovine in Battambang.

Police forces, led by Lieutenant General Srey Sreang, went to Chrey I village, Chrey commune, Maung Russey district, Battambang province to arrest the three thieves. 1. Thoeun Thy, 19,  2. Yun Ate Yong, male, 15 years old, and 3. Pov Sakanda, male, 13 years old.

The incident occurred earlier this year.

The stolen and abused ‘virgin’  cow belonged to Houn Roeurt, 45, a farmer from Toul Ta Thon commune, Chrey district, Moung Russey, Battambang Province



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