Pchum Ben Started This Morning

Phnom Penh:Tuesday, September 25, 2018 is the first day of Kanhchor, which indicates that Pchum Ben has arrived.

At this time, Fresh News brings together the history of Pchum Ben, which is a tradition of Cambodians to share with you.

Pchum Ben is the largest festival among Cambodian Buddhists. Each year at the time of the Pchum Ben celebration, every brother, relative, travels to meet family and prepare a meal for the monks living in the monasteries.

History of Pchum Ben

According to the historical records of Cambodia, the Pchum Ben festival has existed since ancient times. There are two ceremonies .

The first ceremony starts from the 1 st to the 14th days of the festival. The other is on the 15th day and the actual Pchum Ben day, when monks chant for 24 hours straight and open up a temporary porthole to the underworld.

The reason for celebrating Pchum Ben

In ancient times, the festival was held to organize monks in the monastery for three months until the end of the rainy season. In ancient times, it is said that in the rainy season, the monsoon rains make it difficult for monks to make a living. Therefore, Buddhists arranged this event to support them during rainy season. 

Pchum Ben season

From ancient times up to now, the Pchum Ben festival is always celebrated during the rainy season. In the 15-day Pchum Ben holiday season, people take food to the pagoda to respect the ghosts of their dead ancestors.



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