5 Year Old Killed by Neighbour

Tragic murder of a 5 yr old in Kompong Cham*

About 2 pm on Monday 24th September 2018, a 5yr old female was last seen at her family home in Kompong Siam District. At about 4 pm the family asked neighbours if anyone had seen their daughter, a neighbour stated that the victim was seen with a neighbour near a pond about 250m from her home. The victim’s grandmother went to the local police post to seek help and report the child missing.

Local Police went to the suspect’s home (2 doors from victims) and spoke to the suspect. The suspect then went with police and led them to the pond where the victim’s body was found about 2m from the shore. The suspect was arrested.

CPU and Kompong Cham Police command were called and attended the scene. The suspect has since confessed to murdering the child because she insulted him.

The suspect was under the influence of drugs and likely suffers from mental health issues.

Source: CPU

*These cases are tragic, and widely reported in Khmer media. To avoid wrongful reporting or mistranslated articles, before publishing, CNE always wait for the story from our friends in the Child Protection Unit (CPU), who do the best job in very difficult situations.



Photos: https://postnews.com.kh/local/373873

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