Svey Rieng Plans Japanese Recycling Plant

 Svay Rieng Authority has held talks with Mr. YUSUKE OKUMURA, Director of GOMI RECYCLE 110 CO., LTD (Japan) and Mr. Yasuhara, Representative of JICA and its associates involved in waste management.

Plans are being discussed to build a factory to recycle waste into building materials and furniture in Svay Rieng province.

The representative of Heibuy/Heiprey (?) Company, which operates garbage collection in Bavet town, Svay Rieng province, said today that about 120 to 170 tonnes of daily waste is made in Bavet city. So, if there is a recycling company to invest, the company will welcome it.

A representative from the company said that  19 garbage trucks and about 50 workers are operating garbage collection in Bavet City. In the past, there was only 70 to 90 tons of trash a day, but by 2018 garbage has doubled to120 to 170 tons per day.

The idea to turn waste into building material, equipment and furniture will not only provide more jobs to Svay Rieng people, but also promote environmental sanitation and urban aesthetics.

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