Drunk Burns House After $5 Refused

An drunk man burned down his own house after his wife refused to hand over more money for booze.

The incident happened at 10.5 pm on September 22, 2018 in Krakor district, Pursat province, said Atech Sarath, police chief. The wife, Thav Sarim, 29, has three children who lived in the house.

The man is a notorious drunkard, while his wife sells fish to support for the family.

Before the incident, the husband was drinking at home and asked for money from his wife who was preparing to buy fish to sell at the market.

He demanded 20,000 Riels ($5) to buy more wine to drink, but his wife refused because she needed all for her fish business. There was an argument and the wife ran away.

The drunk man went and found some gasoline, set fire to the 3.5x4m house and ran off.



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