U.S Ambassador to Cambodia Fails to Provide 3-Pro

Phnom Penh (FN), Sept. 22 – Former President of Khmer Power Party Sourn Serey Ratha blatantly criticized U.S Ambassador to Cambodia William A. Heidt, saying the ambassador failed to provide 3-Pro, speaking to Fresh News on Saturday.

“The principle of 3-pro, including protection, providing, and protesting for U.S citizens, the ambassador did not fulfill even one,” Ratha said adding that, “Ambassador did not fulfill his works effectively, particularly fail to provide warmth to jailed American citizens in Cambodia.”

(Having) Recently got out of jail through amnesty, Ratha said that the U.S embassy only visits the jailed American citizens once every six months, providing only a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Speaking from his own perspective, U.S Embassy, under ambassador Heidt mandate, was performing poorly compared to performances of Embassy of Thailand, India, Bangladesh, China, and Vietnam.


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