Shots Fired After Moon Cake Argument

A shooting incident occurred at about 7:20 pm on September 22, 2018 at Khmer Angkor Bakery in Trapeang Por Village, Sangkat Chom Chao 3, Khan Por Senchey.

One man was left wounded in his left arm, but workers at the bakery shop escaped.

According to a source, 35- year- old Phom Sakhhea had been drinking alcohol and went to buy moon cake, after some disagreement he became angry, pulled out a knife.

According to another source, a military man (named as Im Sotha) was first on the scene. He hid the workers in the shop, and the man went into a disagreement with him. The military man was then stabbed in the arm and shots were fired, although no civilians were hurt.

At the scene, police seized the gun and 5 bullets.

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