Orchid and Wildflower Research Center to Open in Kulen

 Phnom Penh: A Center for the Study and Conservation of plant species, the first of its kind in Cambodia, will be set up and officially launched in late October. The center is located in Srah Chav Village, Tbeng Commune, Banteay Srey District, at the foot of Kulen Mountain in Siem Reap Province, said Neth Phe Pheak, spokesman and secretary of state at the Ministry of Environment on September 21.

Wild species (Orchidae) can be found in more than 500 species, some of which are also rare species. 

Neth Pheaktra describes this center as being organized by the Sustainable Development Secretariat in collaboration with the Department of Environment in Siem Reap and the Bloom Garden Greenhouse, called “Kolen Kearnen Research and Conservation Center”.

The State Secretariat of State said the center would be a collection site to protect, preserve, and protect threatened and near-threatened wildlife species. The flora is extracted from natural forests and nurtured for further research. He said that the Research and Conservation Center is currently in the process of constructing the first phase and collecting seeds. The gardens will be maintained and increase gradually.

Wildcats (Orchidae) can be more than 500, and some are also rare species

The purpose of the center is to find the types of wild flowers that exist in Cambodia, including rare species and  restore them to the natural habitat. The center will play a role in educating students and the public to be aware, love, and be inspired to preserve wildlife species in the Kingdom of Cambodia, as well as to promote the eco-tourism in the Kulen area.

 Cambodia can be considered as a country rich in natural resources and biodiversity, including  Orchidee which may have over 500 species, of which only 360 copies have  been identified. 

Wildcats (Orchidae) can be more than 500, and some are also rare species


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