If You Want To Catch a Snake, Ask a Khmer

Thailand: A 53-year-old Cambodian man volunteered to help catch a giant python that was trapped in the engine of a Toyota pickup, using  the traditional way of Daun Ta Khmer, after many Thais didn’t know how to get it out.

According to the source, locals spent around three hours trying to get the snake out of the car but failed. The aim was to keep it alive, not to kill it. At that time, a Cambodian man who is a migrant worker was informed about the snake and asked for a try using the techniques of the ancient Khmer people.

. Traditionally, a snake catcher uses his mouth to bite the snake’s tail. With the tail between his teeth, he pulled out the snake and then released the it into the forest. He says this is a method he has used many times since he was a kid and became a habit.

This way, Thais were surprised and amazed because they had never seen this before. They called this Khmer man a hero too. 

The incident took place in the maritime province of Thailand at the Thai Thai Chemical Chemical Company yesterday.(Morning: Fresh Morning) http://morningfresh.news/archives/8126

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